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What do you want to say?
We can distil your story, drawing from it simple, clear, brief points to amplify your message.


  • Defining objectives
  • Message development
  • Message testing
  • Delivery. It is not enough to know your messages. Delivering them with conviction and credibility is equally important. 
  • Context. Key messages don't work in isolation. They need stories to give them context and meaning.


Will your message get through?
We can prepare you for a presentation for a press conference or a patient group or an analyst’s meeting or to fellow healthcare professionals


  • Planning your talk
  • Structure
  • First and last impressions
  • The ABC of slides and word play
  • Body language
  • Question time. 

Media Training 

Are you on the right track?
It is not enough to know your key message(s). Knowing how to navigate to them and to keep on track is just as important


  • The news business: What makes news? Knowing what makes news is a prerequisite for effective media communication.
  • Responding to media interview requests: inappropriate responses are probably the most common reason for poor outcomes.
  • Preparing for media interviews: defining objectives, developing messages and anticipating and answering questions.
  • Mock interviews: being able to develop interview skills in a confidential environment is invaluable. 


Does your writing deliver? Is it clear and simple? 
Clarity and simplicity are the keys to effective communication, but the challenge of writing simply and clearly in English has never been either clear or simple. (We recognise that these rules do not apply in some other languages and cultures in which English style is regarded as too blunt.)


  • Developing ideas
  • Pitching ideas
  • The writing process
  • Style
  • Business reports
  • Writing for the web
  • Blogging. 

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